JULY 2, 1993 OPERATION CANGURO 11 From 11.20 to 12.27 (Panel 12)

JULY 2, 1993 OPERATION "CANGURO 11" From 11.20 to 12.27

11.45 am: The Infantry Combat Vehicle carrying the wounded, together with two more tracked vehicles of the "TUSCANIA" (Airborne Carabinieri Battalion), try to return to "PASTA" but are framed by Somali militiamen. 

Cavalry Second Lieutenant 


Paratrooper Second Lieutenant GIANFRANCO PAGLIA is seriously injured.

12.27: the Italian reaction of fire and the further intervention of the US "Apache" helicopters help the release of the Italian soldiers of the two Task Forces "Alfa" and "Bravo" to return to their respective bases.

ITALFOR records 3 fallen and 31 wounded. On the Somali side, estimates stand at 187 dead and at least 400 injured.The lost Checkpoints would be recovered by 9 July, thanks to diplomatic mediation.