On this panel there is the list of all the soldiers awarded for valor act performed during the mission.

Here are explained the criteria to assign the decorations.


Legislative Decree 15 March 2010, n. 66 Code of military regulations.

Art. 1410


The decorations for military valor are instituted to exalt the acts of military heroism, signaling their authors as worthy of public honor and at the same time arousing the spirit of emulation in the members of the military forces.

Article 1411


1. The decorations for military valor are: a) the gold medal; b) the silver medal; c) the bronze medal; d) the cross for military valor.

2. The cross for military valor takes on the denomination of war cross for military valor when it is conferred for deeds accomplished during a state of war or serious international crisis.

Article 1412


1. Decorations for military valor are granted to those who, in order to perform an act of daring that could have been omitted without failing in duty and honour, have knowingly faced a serious and manifest personal risk in military enterprises.

2. The granting of these decorations takes place only if the act performed is such that it can constitute, under every aspect, an example worthy of being imitated.

Article 1434

Army Valor Medals

1. The gold and silver medals for valor of the Army are granted to those who, in conditions of extreme difficulty, have shown marked courage and singular skill, exposing their lives to manifest risk to save one or more people in serious danger or to prevent or otherwise reduce the damage of a serious disaster.

2. For the award of the gold medal, the concurrence of circumstances is required such as to make the deed commendable in the highest degree and the essential condition that great honor has derived from it for the Italian Army.

3. The bronze medal is awarded for deeds and undertakings of particular courage and skill, accomplished without manifest danger to life.