JULY 2, 1993 OPERATION CANGURO 11 From 07.30 to 09.30 (Panel 9)

JULY 2, 1993 OPERATION "CANGURO 11" From 07.30 to 09.30

At around 7.30, episodes of tension begin with stone throwing, barricades and gunfire. At 9.00 the Canguro 11 operation is declared over by the Italian Command: "ALFA" heads towards the Old Port and "BRAVO" begins to move back to Balad.At 9.30, when passing by the "POZZANGHERA" check point, a Special Force (SF) detachment (Incursori) are engaged in eliminating some enemy sources of fire, reporting the mortal wound of the (SF) Sergeant Major


The "BRAVO" TF - in transit on the "DEMONIO" Check Point - is ordered to regain "PASTA" checkpoint. Therefore a tracked platoon (composed by Paratroopers of the 15th Company of the 186th "FOLGORE" regt.) moves back to the Check Point. The vehicles head towards a source of fire about 200 meters from "PASTA".